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  • Annual audit plan proposal
  • Audit approval and assignment
  • Staffs, time, and cost allocation
  • Monitoring the progress and cost of audit
  • Budget & actual audit cost reporting
  • Detail audit findings, recommendations, and follow up actions
  • Annual audit plan report, assignment report, finding and recommendation report

Working Paper

  • Audit programming and detailed audit procedures for each assignment
  • Staffs & time allocation for each audit program & procedures
  • Monitoring the performance of audit programs and procedures
  • Centralized electronic audit working papers and evidences
  • Replication for working papers

Follow Up and Monitoring

  • Detailed audit follow up
  • Tracking and monitoring audit follow up status


  • Auditee risk profiles and assessment
  • Detailed auditee information
  • Auditee budget and employee


  • Detailed auditor profiles and auditor performance evaluation
  • Auditor formal education and training history
  • Auditor dashboard


  • Audit guidelines management
  • Laws & regulations references
  • Centralized audit forms & template
  • References grouped in classification
  • Documents and references search
  • Audit procedures template
  • Suppliers/partners profiles & contacts

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