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ISSUE TRACKING is a simplified application to track and monitor any issue related to your business. ISSUE TRACKING is a Web-Based application developed using PHP and MySQL, which make it suitable for various IT environments with minimum hardware requirements. All you need is a web server and an internet browser. ISSUE TRACKING is never been so fun. This application provide you with easy and integrated interface in tracking down all issue you have to monitor : Categories (categorized all your issues in specific groupings), Issues (list all issues from each categories for easier tracking), Tracks (list any information related to specific issues you want to monitor) and Files (attach any kind of files related to your issues for more complete tracking).

ISSUE TRACKING is an application that can be used to track the progress of any kind of task such as issue resolution, requirements gathering, desktop support handling, project monitoring, hardware deployment, staff hiring, document management, action plan on implementing risk management, sarbanas oxley, COSO, COBIT, KYC and other issues that need to be monitored.


  • Issue Category & Topics – create issue category and topics for your issue/problem.
  • Issue – list all of your issue/problem.
  • Tracking & Action Plan – tracking and monitoring all of your issue/problem also put person in charge (PIC) and issue deadline to be follow up easily and fast just in one screen.
  • Report – create report for all of your issue/problem and action plan for each issue/proble that can be filtered with several parameter.
  • File Attachment – upload a file attachment to issue/problem and action plan libraries.


  • Fully cross-browser compatible (web-based application).
  • Built in PHP and using MySQL as application database.
  • O / S independence, running on any platform such as : Microsoft, Linux (any distro), Mac OS.

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