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WARP is an integrated & comprehensive application to manage all your audit-related information. WARP is a web-based application developed using PHP and MySQL, which make it suitable for various IT environments with minimum hardware requirements. All you need is a web server and an internet browser. Managing audit is never been so easy. This complete solution comprise of four modules which provide you with comprehensive functionalities with simplified user interfaces: Audit Management (risk assessment; audit planning, approval, assignment, finding, recommendation, and follow-up monitoring), Working Paper Management (audit programming; electronic audit working paper; links working paper and findings), Back Office (auditors profile, education, experience, & evaluation; client & contact database; time & expense reporting); Knowledge Management – audit forms & templates; audit manual & guidance; law & regulations).

WARP Detail

WARP! (Web-based Audit Resource Planning) is a right solution in audit management information system for managing all your audit resources. This application was developed by experienced auditor in order to assist auditor in performing their task and ease the management to manage all information related to audit activities.

WARP! will ease you in managing your audit from the planning stage to the monitoring of action on audit findings and recommendations. This application integrates all audit related information for easier information access in fulfilling the needs of auditors and managements.

Using WARP! Dashboard you can access complete information of all audit assignment, findings, recommendations, and follow up actions with only from a single screen. You can directly access list of all on-going, past, or future audit assignments with all the detail information, list of audit findings with all detailed attributes, list of audit recommendations and follow-up actions complete with deadline and responsible units.

WARP! was developed based on audit guidelines and standards from various authorities, such as : Standard Practice for Professional Internal Auditing from IIA, Internal Auditing Standards from IFAC, and Government Auditing Standards from INTOSAI.

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